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Octagon – The Pyramid Code

OCTAGON (continued)


* * *

Octagon – circle with its radius divided into six segments – the base circle – divided by full circles (circles of division)– centerlines. Divided by straight lines into four equal parts.

* * *

The semicircles from two subtended poles of the base circle from two subtended horizontal intersections. With the radius of 1/2 a circle we execute division all the way to the perimeter of the circles of division – the quatrefoil shape whose intersections are inside the circle in the form of a curved square.

* * *

From external intersections, through the inner intersections and center, we divide the base circle with straight lines into 8 equal parts. The octagon: 8 poles of the base circle. With pole’s radius, we plot the adjacent poles from pole to pole until we get back to the starting pole – acquiring new intersections within the circle.

* * *

The other intersections of this plotting correspond with the inscribed circle of the rounded rectangle inside the circle. We circumscribe (inscribe) circle to the rounded square inside the rectangle. Which is the radius?

* * *

With the radius of that circle, and with full circles from the peak pole, we perform the division of the base circle’s arc until we return to the peak pole. The base circle is now divided into 15 sections, and by drawing in full circles we acquired new intersection outside and inside the circle – products of the 15-sided polygon.

* * *

Circumscribe circle around the external intersections and with its radius divide the base circle – its arc.

* * *

This radius divides the base circle into 30 equal parts: a 30-sided polygon.

* * *

We round off the internal intersections of the pentadecagon circle.

* * *

This radius divides the base circle into 10 segments – a decagon. We did not inscribe the star pentagon polygons since they would create a new series of intersections (data), whereas we are looking for something else – the uniqueness of the octagon – the doubled quadrangle (semicircles), so let’s start from the first one.

* * *

A quatrefoiled square of semicircles and their division of the base circle into eighths.

In order to understand, we go back long before recorded history despite the fact that it may seem like an unproved story, but the basis of the story is the same as for any radius magnitude, hence it is not of essence; but how this has anything to do with the roots of the three closest religions, will briefly be explained at the end of this chapter.

* * *

Hence, a square, and from the quatrefoiled poles in the direction of the peak of the rounded rectangle two line segments compose the isosceles shape of a pyramid – with angles of   52,5° (subsequently verified)  – the linear measure that according to the Bible corresponds to the magnitude of the “angelic cubit” .

* * *

Let’s repeat this three more times – descriptively this is the pyramid code.

* * *

If we inscribe straight line segments toward the internal vertex of the rounded rectangle that was formed by plotting the external quatrefoil, we have “cut off” the top side of the pyramid. This is the pyramid code, the pyramid without its top and it holds all the data. What are these “universal data”?

* * *

Like the old Egyptian saying. “as above so is it below”, we will take only two sides of the pyramid. By using the presence of the base circle and its division into six segments, and from its center we draw line segments all the way to the external rectangle’s perimeter depicted through the construction of the octagon. The length of each of these line segments is equal to the magnitude of the side of the perimeter of the base circle’s square – the ancient Pi (according to subsequent verification).

* * *

… so using these points of contact, and with the aid of the diagonals of the quadrangle that is present – we construct the SCOPE OF THE SQUARE of the base circle, or SCOPE : 4  (extending the sides of the scope of the square).

* * *

On the other hand the diagonals of the quatrefoil intersect the base circles of division. We connect the intersections of the base hexangular circles. Thus we get a circumscribed square of the base circle and thereby the circumscribed square of the base circle’s squared rectangle.

* * *

The sides of the pyramid shapes perform in the same manner. By connecting their intersections – all this took place (geometry’s universal principle) from the base circle’s quadrature of the square. After all this data, it is time for the foreshortened version of the “story” before we go further in reading what follows.

* * * *

It may be that someone not familiar with ancient legends will find it surprising that some “entity” had in ancient times “visited the earth”; some strange “creature” unknown to us. Yet ancient legends are full of such creatures. We simply call them “angels”. In many languages it is “correctly” transcribed engels. Although I have slightly permuted the word, so we get gen-el or el-gen. Further comment isn’t necessary, neither are interpretations of the possible meanings of this word. The word came down to us in a written or oral form from ancient legends and so did their visual representations, namely their artistic expressions in paintings and drawings.

Our interest concretely lies in measurements and their deviations and relationships as well as their geometric concepts. One powerful source is the Bible. The biblical prophet Ezekiel (in addition to Moses and Solomon) and certainly according to the most recent Islam, was one of the most significant prophets because he spoke of the eight-sided star polygon and likewise as an omnipresent ornament. Here we meet with the “One” who stands before “Him” who passed on the message of Islam. It would not surprise me if the symbol of the cross itself, an ornamental artifact, contains the same geometrical code as well as its moral basis. But, let’s get back to Ezekiel (the canonical biblical prophet). He of all people makes mention of the double rotation, the principle of the wheel that moves on all sides (although NASA owns something similar). However it seems Ezekiel’s is far more sophisticated and original; the first step is that the base has ball bearings and on top of them lies the second step, a single-shaft, with drive possibilities of the shaft 2 x 180° (one on top of the other) so that the lower ball bearing shaft can move on all sides, depending on the orientation of the upper shaft.

Frankly speaking, this idea came to me a long time ago when I “diddled” with the onetime computer “mouse” that in those days applied a ball for movement, and from there came the idea of inventing a “game” for kids. Thus on the principle of the ball bearings system a popular toy for kids was developed, “the roller skates”, and by means of such an experiment “the possibilities of the human organism to drive this strange contrivance and control its movement” were tested. Of course I will never be able to try this out in practice necause I’m too old for such a game. But somebody will certainly try.

But let’s get back to Ezekiel and the measurements. We are talking about measures, ratios, proportions and it is precisely here that we can make comparisons with the ancient measurements: the human cubit (6 palms) 45 cm (6 x 7.5 cm) and the angelic cubit 52.5 cm (7 x 7.5 cm) – the ratio 1,166666 or 7÷6. What does this have to do with 8 or 8°? So, let’s see: 360 ÷ 52.5 = 6.8571428 ÷ 0.8571428 = 8.

Another way in the fundamental system of circles is the basis of 6 (division of arc with radius): 60°.

In this second way the base is 45° (2 x 45° = 90° right angle). The sum of the one and the other base = 105° ÷ 2 = 52.5°. This number corresponds with the magnitude of the angle of one “angelic” cubit, and this was indicated by Ezekiel.

Measuring reed – six human cubits plus 1 palm (1/6 cubit) each = 6 x (45 cm + 7.5 cm) = 6 x 52.5 = 315 cm right 360° ÷ 315 = 1.1428571 (ratio of number 8÷7) 1.1428571÷ 0.1428571 = 8 (8 sevenths). Thus, the eighths are the sevenths of the “missing” apex of the pyramid and the edifice itself would render series, data, codes – but again I prefer to refrain from going into the “different” reasons for this. Still, it is possible to conclude or anticipate the “omnipresence of someone” and who constructed the pyramidal shapes throughout the world (what for, I don’t know), but I’m certain that the largest pyramidal shapes were not “pyramids of the sun” nor were they tombs. I’ve come to this conclusion on basis of plotted geometrical constructions. I argue that at their very top, pyramids have an additional hall that contains a set of answers if anyone would be able to “read” them, and I’m quite sure of this. The records kept in that hall are written in the language of geometry; therefore, they tell the truth.

And as far as “truth” is concerned, I once again make reference to Ezekiel. Long ago, he who on Mount Sinai gave Moses the Ten Commandments, remonstrated the people (Israelites of those times) for building houses for themselves but forgetting to build a temple on a unique location for all people. Ezekiel speaks of a new temple and about what would then ensue (it would have a positive impact on the earth and the human race). Such a proposal may cause a conflict of civilizations, yet I am certain that this proposal is a solution. And seeing the problems of this world the solution would call for minimal resources and efforts, in addition to being the quickest road to truth itself.

Therefore, that third temple should be constructed in accordance with the instructions, measures and scales, and they will show the truth itself. That is a challenge that should be carried out because it concerns the whole world, everybody who seeks the truth, regardless of their scientific or religious affiliations.

The truth will then be proved in one way or another, or it will not be. It is good to know the truth and confront oneself with it, instead of simply talking, talking, talking… The real question is whether there is a will to confront ourselves with the truth because it would then bring about some radical changes, or perhaps we prefer to leave that to some other generations.

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