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Three and five (Preflood pentagon)

15. Chapter

Three and five

Preflood Pentagon

For some time I felt guilty because I didn’t present one analyses in construction of pentagon (education for children). But, exactly that, simple children’s education was the reason, without additions and theories for which I feel repulsiveness. I knew it could iritate children’s mind, until I accepted a thought that time is „ripe“ to bring out some theories which can be confirmed or not in reality, if that reality is here, on this planet and not somewhere else in the universum where we can’t really act , although we act, I would say, with too extensive means to get minimal results of cognition. All answers are here, on this planet, yet, problem is in human factor and walls of tradition, religions, disunited science, lazyness, and shortsightedness, greed and who knows what else that stops faster development of conscioucness, and by that acting that leads towards „answers“. Besides that, my feelings were mixed, because it considered sites on american ground and a hunch of some kind of danger that manifests on explorer himself, on his wife, because you can’t joke about ancient sites . Many stories say about it, especially story in Old Testimony about suitcase of testimony. As I said, I avoid theories, trying to stay on this strictly pure geometric way, although, step by step, I came to conclusion that sometimes would be good (that what could be confirmed really, in positive or negative way) to say or present a thought to encourage „slow mass“ of institutions which have possibilities, technological and financial, for such „projects“ to bring them on „daylight“. Although an individual is the one who is given to „spot something“, explorer, inovator, but can’t do it alone if he is not rich as Solomon (and Solomon is gone), but rich can’t do it. A long time ago, Christ said: „It is hard for a rich man to enter in future. A camel would easier go through needle’s pin. “ (my own translation. )First, we will repeat what I skipped geometrically in children’s education, pentagon’s construction and its relation with odds from 3 to 9, and especially that relation between 5 and 3 which I already mentioned in some chapters, and after pure geometric part oft his chapter „a little bit more“.

* * *


Circle of some radius with its double radius – diameter as basic geometry formation of polygon. Diameter = lenght = base.

* * *


From the lenght’s ends and with circles of radius size that is descriptive circle’s lenght and with same from its intersectiones above lenght.

* * *


Equilateral triangle with its simetrals that forms center of triangle. (we follow just geometrical motions above base and usually it would be correct below – as it is upside same is downside).

* * *


From given cente rwe describe equilateral triangle with circle. We have 2 circles. Look at their relation.

* * *


Descriptive circle of equilateral triangle divides first circle of lenght on 5 parts – pentagon.

* * *


Upside down, lenght’s circle divides descriptive of equilateral triangle on 7 parts – heptagon.

* * *


Side’s simetrals cuts rectilinear tentacles and that intersectiones, if we connect with lenght, divided equilateral triangle’s height on two equal parts. With radius of half height and triangle’s center e describe circle and transport on the lenght’s ends. Now, with semiarcs end of lenght and opposite circle’s intersection on lenght and in the other way around.

* * *


Inside equilateral triangle on vertical simetral we got intersection of semiarcs – circle’s center which describes base – lenght –

* * *


Center of descriptive circle of pentagon is side of base’s size = diameter of first circle. And now, what I „didn’t say“ in children’s education.

* * *


Descriptive circle of equilateral triangle, its radius divides descriptive circle of pentagon on 9 equal parts – quadrat 3. (so many times mentioned relation in ancient stories, and even today).

* * *


Let’s do analyses of other elements. First circle – diameter of lenght – bases. How it effects on pentagonal descriptive circle.

* * *


Its radius divides pentagonal circle on 21 parts or 3 x 7.

* * *


Upside down. Pentagonal circle on circle of base’s diameter.

* * *


Its radius divides circle of base’s diameter on 3 parts. (5 and 3 confirms each other)

* * *


Reduce circle (formative of triangle – equilateral) on pentagonal center.

* * *


Radius of pentagonal descriptive circle divides it on 7 equal parts – heptagon. So, we confirmed relations or system of numbers (I rather call them unilateral odd) 3, 5, 7, 9.

* * *


Further analyses shows much more . Divide formative circle of equilateral triangle, of base’s radius – lenght from peak simetral intersection on 6 parts (with lenght’s radius).

* * *


We confirmed it is hexagon of descriptive circle of pentagon. For what is it used?

* * *


Divide pentagonal hexagon on cube 3 and on the half again, so cube 6 (division of cube is already described in first and second book).

* * *


Then we extend division’s lenght on a side of descriptive hexagon of pentagonal circle. Cube 7. Cube divided on 7 x 7 x 7 = 343 parts. (to someone maybe an idea will „occure“, what is it: inscribed hexagon and described hexagon of some circle? – but it is one different legend)

* * *


Now, reduce descriptive circle of equilateral triangle of base on pentagonal center.

* * *


To pentagonal and descriptive triangle ‘s circle inscribe its hexagonal star polygons. Ancient correct star polygon 5 and 3.

* * * *

Stop for a second…

What is so misterious in relation between 5 and 3 ‘ Why that relation was special in the ancient times of which remained just trails – headwords in legends, artefacts. What attracts us to that relation? There are a few indicators (some hidden, some still stands). With small, superficial introduction, you’ll hear something that you never heard or read before, nobody got an idea, as much as he is imaginative. It bases on small grains of mosaic of many explorers of the Earth’s history, and is possible to confirm it or not. So, let’s start with superficial introduction.

We won’t mention weird evolutionary legend of third and fifth day (read. Evolutionary cyclus) , because we would come to conclusion that vegetable world of that time developed before, and fish, birds and reptiles after , but before the light exists. Who would believe that, and we can just imagine evolutionary cyclus. Believing that someone could form whole Solar system, and even the universum, after all this explorers won’t be easy to find as much as someone can say: „I believe“. We won’t look back at ancient Egyptian notes which talks about reconciliation 3 and 5 because it is suggested that it symbolizes unification of upper and lower Egypt? We don’t know, but we know something else . Byblical legend talks about suitcase of Commandment’s boards whose relation is strictly quoted. One and half opposite to two and half, or three opposite five. Actually , we can’t confirm that , because it disappeard. But there is one cuorosity at pyramidal objects. If we put pentagonal circle and triangle circle in one center , and we divide pentagonal circle from peak pole on ots 6 parts, then equitentacle triangle comes at peak pole of triangle circle on the angle of 51 and 3 sevenths, and that is pyramidl angle of four equilateral triangle forms regular pyramid. So, that is at pyramidal peak. And now we come to something that will be said is impossible.

* * *


System of pyramid’s peak – hexagon – equilateral triangle of pentagonal descriptive circle – peak pole of descriptive base lenght from center of pentagonal – equitentacle triangle whose tentacles have inclination of 51, 4285715 or 51 and 3 sevenths or 360 sevenths.

* * *


In the analyses we saw that descriptive circle of equilateral triangle lenght’s sizdes divides descriptive circle’s base side on 5 parts. In the same center – pentagon’s center from base’s lenght makes double fiveangle – pentagon – descriptive pentagon.

* * *


Their star – rectilinear forms ancient pentagram about which numerous logical and unlogical stories are told, secrets, and who knows what else. This too will have its story, depending on consciousness state of those who are seeking – from classic geometry thinking to dark medieval thoughts.

* * * *

And now, let’s continue…

What made me write this? Whoever read in my „geometrical“ exploring of „fivesided american pyramid“, whose foundation is in plea of independent american citizen who makes real exploration on field for 17 years. He noticed from meagre notes that he looked for geometric answers. I was irritated the similarity of constellations with dana of some explorers, ex advisors for Mars, and one of them is M. Bara (book „Secret mission of NASA“). Another area of oak woods what leads to templar’s act as in Canada (Oak island), undiagnosed illness of small entrepreneur’s wife, and sequences of thoughts of rather hard personality. And all that is connected to 5 and 3. Then I understood, when I got information about soil structure int hat area and information about megaliths which don’t belong to that area, That pictures that are warning, I understood that all that is just a fragment of one much larger complex, and is formed under layers of soft sediments. Because it got name „fivesided pyramid“ but… Unfortunately I didn’t remember name of the writter – explorer, man who published book about geology of Earth, movements of axis, movements of poles, streams now and then, but I remembered his theory that on the american soil and elsewhere existed high developed civilizations. What they touhgt us is that Eskimos, Asians, came first on american continent, then theories about Vikings, then about Indian groups that came from South America, then about genesis of man, first on african ground etc. It is interesting that one whole continent was empty, at least starnge. We would rather believe in possibility of extraterestrials that possibility of existing high development civilizations on american ground before first notes , so much developed , in technology , than in other cultures in the world. Where are the proofs? Where are the remains? Under alluviums, then, before the catastrophy. Caused by what? Part of the answer we’ll find under soil, in the soil of USA. It is theory that could be confirmed or denied just by checking. Field that I called „fivesided american pyramid“ is preflooded pentagon.

There is so much today on the amerivan soil. Someone will say „accidentaly“ and reality talks about highest technological level. „Accidental similarities?“ And maybe we hve learned from the past. It repeats, cyclic. One day someone will light up this field on the soil of North America. Unfortunately, connection with a man, explorer, stopped because the last announce was that he has to collect money for his wife’s opration.

After all this I claim, all the answers are on this planet.

HR – RIJEKA 01. 03. 2013
TRANSLATION: VESNA BILIĆ (vesnasu@live. com)
MANUSCRIPT: SUZANA KNEŽEVIĆ (suzanaknezevic58@gmail. com)

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  1. Ricardo says:

    Mr Tomo – Do any circle and 6 pattern flower in it.
    Then, do Star of David.
    Next, you take biggest length of the hexagon inside Star shape. (1 of 3 biggest lenghts of hexagon)
    Use that radius from center of first circle.Draw it. Its bigger than initial one.
    Now get back the initial radius and brake the bigger circle in 7.
    No try make pentagon inside the first circle and then compare the radius of 5 to the big circle broken in 7.

    Thats what you are doing right????

    For me theres a “big” gap. The radius of 5 is close, but its a bit bigger. I didnt get the same results as you, so I compared to other ways you teach. This is the same draw you draw here in the beggining. I use my own pattern to compare measures. Not better or worst, just the same in a diferent way <i guess.
    But your star of 5 I made it and its correct like all else, just the 5 is not.
    Take care. And thnx again, I love reading your teachings dont think anything different.hehehe

  2. Ricardo says:

    Forgot to add, my result, of the circle you brake in 5, for me is 46.

  3. Ricardo says:

    A word to Admin and all team of this website:

    -Dont let Tomo quit this website!! Its important!! This teaching is very important!!! Its a lever for those that know life is more than money or religion!Dont touch my circles!! 1 person can make all the difference, like 1 milimeter can make a diference in the drawings we do! Money shouldnt stop you from looking to what all this means. Education is priceless.

  4. Brian Ekanyu says:

    I have got a theorem on star of David. I don’t know if you can help publish it for me

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