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The number Pi

Almost every elementary-school pupil knows that the circumference formula is 2rPi (2 radii of a circle times 3.14 – the abridged form against which I am speaking) or d (diameter) times Pi (3.14285715) or 22 sevenths. Why 22 sevenths? If number 1 is divided by 7 i.e. 1÷7 = 0,14285715 (or one seventh) and 7 sevenths = 1 whole, then three wholes are 21 sevenths + 1 seventh = 3.14285715. Therefore Pi is equal to the circumference. If any of the “mathematicians” don’t believe this, then they were bad listeners in school, because every circumference or closed curve of a circle is a length and present-day technology can precisely verify this. So if we take the length of 3 diameters + one-seventh of a diameter and divide it with centerlines into 4 equal parts we will acquire the square of the circumference of the circle (all credit to Archimedes). And if we want to determine the geometrical one/seventh, children are taught how to divide a length into parts without measuring in the seventh grade of elementary school, and all I did was to introduce an intrinsic facility called number PiT (4 d divided by 14 times 11 and then the result divided by 14 times 11 = circumference. Among certain peoples this was important (Pi Pyth-ia – the priestess at Appolo’s oracle in Delphi) and it also leads to a geometrically easier solution of the duplication problem. Therefore may anyone who wants to say anything about the Pi number always bear in mind the old saying which remains true to this day, “Carpenter, always measure twice”, in other words “a wise man verifies”.

Author: T. Perisha

Might I ask you not to trouble yourselves with such disputes since I sold the dream of “living ny happy old-age days” (the building site on an island where I had planned to spend summer days with my family and friends)for a price next to nothing just to be able to give you and future generations the knowledge of ancient geometry for nothing in return. Many have asked me whether they could use these pages in their teachings and I gave them my approval. The owner of these pages is the “entity” who, more than 3000 years ago, gave Moses the Ten Commandments on the principles of life, and He will be the One to ask for the “profit”, you may be sure. Greetings!

Translated & adapted into English by S.F. Drenovac

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