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Chapter 20

There would be too many elements for countless stories based on ancient and centuries-old legends or on geometrical regularities and numbers and other naturally established elements to go into analysis and therefore it is best to demonstrate without extensive commentaries only by means of the top view regularities a geometrical solid – the cube – for which in my “geometry for kids” we established how the cube is doubled and reduced, but we did not mention that this can result in the making of a regular solid – a pyramid without its top, the well-known ancient relationship of 3 and 5, the relationship of duplication and diminution or the pyramidal relationship between the base and its height (without the top) where the base comprises five parts and its height comprises three parts. By the way I’d rather not ignore a particularity that arises therefrom and which will surely prompt the many who “search and dig” thru the symbolism of numbers to undertake a thorough inspection of legends before coming to any conclusions (but I’ll say more on this in the afterword). We will follow the last chapters of “geometry for kids” with yet another similar method of duplication (but from a top view level) and inscribed circles of the third top view doubling (without showing that circle), but will instead by means of the hexagonal doubled polygon and division of its circle into 24 parts attain a pyramidal object without a top, and in which the relationship between the base and height is 5 and 3.

* * *


Indeed, we already know the procedure: the circle divided by its radius into 6 parts, or its star-shaped hexagon, respectively. This division enables the segmentation into 12 parts.

* * *


And the doubled hexagonal polygon enables division of the circle into 24 parts (by straight lines, because they will prove useful).

* * *


We will focus attention only on one of the six squares and in a contracted form through semicircles of same radius, hence by opposite vertical and horizontal poles…

* * *


… in order to get a descriptive square with sides equal to the third doubling of the cube whose top view is the interior square.

* * *


Remember: this is a hexagon (inscribed, in its circle) and we will no longer draw it since our objective is something else.

* * *


This is a cube with a top view square of one of the six of its sides and the lengths of its sides are equal to the radius of the circle. We will no longer draw this either, except as the square of a single side, doubling it or decreasing it in the pyramidal mode.

* * *


Now follow this mode of doubling to once and for all comprehend duplication in the twofold system, the system when the division of the base circle is divided by circles of the same radius and onward into the so-called “flower of life”, respectively – because in the end this “pyramidal presentation” is simply an outline of a universal geometrical reality.

* * *


In other words, as you will notice, the first doubling is simply a part of a system of expansion into infinity (and in the end we will describe it down to the so-called zero point or a cessation point by means of decreasing the cube of a given circle. Therefore, this is the top view of the first duplication.

* * *


Hence this is the first doubling: radius times (cube root of two) = side of doubled cube is in fact the radius of the circumscribed circle of the doubled cube. This furthermore means that the radius = a doubled duplication, and furthermore = descriptive square of the circle.

* * *


Thus we have a triple doubling and now we come to: the principle of diminution, or the radius of the base circle divided by the cube root of two r = – the principle that goes down to a definite number (law of the zero point) – depicted.

* * *


As you can see, the system of decreasing the third duplication „forms“ a top view of the cube of one side of its circle. This system then simply goes forward (remember, by dashed line – the first diminution: radius of circle divided by ).

* * *


Hence the first diminution and then the second diminution (dotted line) – always the preceding radius divided by is the diminution that follows.

* * *


Third diminution (denoted by dotted line) …

* * *


… third (dotted line) denotes the fourth …

* * *


… and it denotes the fifth.

* * *


The fifth diminution but now it is also denoting the pyramidal object whose height is already depicted in the fourth diminution and in conjunction with the descriptive square of the circle 5 versus 3.

* * *


That would be the pyramidal object and slope of its sides in the height relationship of 5 and 3, but without the top (one of the leading worthy Egyptologists wanted to add a cone-shaped top – I hope he gave up the idea because…

* * *


… exactly the zero zone or zone lesser than the cube root of two starts out in space x, which corresponds with the top view square of the missing pyramidal top.

* * *


I will have to explain this in some greater detail (indeed the dotted line is not so clear but adequate enough as an explanation). The afterword to all this will be somewhat shorter but certainly purposeful.

* * * *


So, what’s this all about? Simply, this is where the space I call “zero zone” or “vanishing zone” begins. What space? In general, there is a law of mathematical value: if the base (the side of a descriptive square of the circle) is divided by the cube root of two, a “turnaround” occurs when it is no longer larger than the cube root of two, but instead by going forward with partitioning of the cube root of two a transference to a decimal remainder takes place which on occasion of the seventy-seventh division transfers into a zero. This goes for any magnitude of a base. Observed from the slope of a pyramid on a level that this space is located, it is necessary to apply the formula: radius (which is half of the base) divided by 7 x 9, and from that level to the zero point of said space is a radius of one-fifth (half of the base). These are pure mathematical data for which I know will again arouse series of calculations and stories (Hollywood will be glad because they will immediately inspire imagination about changes into other dimensions), but the truth can only be revealed by finding the mentioned space. As for what will be found there, I’d rather not discuss. Caution tells me that in these matters one must indeed be careful, in other words, too many stories and legends have been written, yet not a sign of veracity! Nevertheless I’m certain that this century will bear a series of new discoveries that will bring civilization more light and truth.

CROATIA – RIJEKA August 06, 2014

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  1. Ricardo says:

    I have identified so many things in 1hour reading this chapter, you are amazing. I understood everything and more things, specially 432 and music, but its hard to understand all yet, but theres some connection. Thank you again, Teacher.

  2. Ricardo says:

    I got a definition for what we do here:

    We study the pure and true reference of essence 🙂 with pure references from patterns given by the circum-ference.

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    square root of 52.5 🙂 means 9

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