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13 Responses to “NEW PROJECT”

  1. سلام
    آیا تمام سایت ما را دیده اید؟
    آیا از متن کتاب های ما با خبراید؟
    با تشکر

  2. Ricardo says:

    Now that I know what Christmas really means and what it representes; I wish you all a great Christmas, I wish you all get a good Present for the Future and moments well Past arround the Tree of Life. Cheers.

  3. چرا از دانش جدید می گریزید؟
    ما تمام علم را به تصرف درآورده ایم.
    با ما مناظره علمی کنید .

  4. Ricardo says:

    I wanna leave my opinion about Mr.Tomo:


    Thank you so much my friend. I relate, as above, so it is below.

  5. Ytteri says:


  6. Ricardo says:

    I wont get tired of saying this….You are a great teacher, I understand so better All and ALL. :) Those Pythagorean exercises I understand them fully now, with full StrenghtS. Wish you well Mr.Tomo. You are my teacher. Thank you once more.

  7. Ricardo says:

    My biggest question is : HOW DO YOU LEARN TO LEARN ALL things AROUND YOU? I got the answer! . ? – ._. now its easier and also fun, painfull and lonely sometimes, but truth is in my eyes, focused.

  8. Ricardo says:


    These simple ratios, explain many things arround us and in us :)369

  9. admin says:

    To Ricardo, a dear friend:

    In short! All of this was created and is brought forth by a prayer to Moses, the one who gave us the Ten Commandments and in the name of Jesus, and that is that.

    At the same time I was ordained to poetry. According to the history of Lope de Vega, your famous Portuguese poet, he wrote more than 4,000 poems. And Tomo has, so far, written more than 15,000 poems. All would be well, but I’ve got nothing from all this because this is now some other and some different world in which I am exploited, cheated, lied to! But I’m still alive! Unfortunately, being duped by a friend for the amount of 40,000 euros, has become the reason for my slowing down. Due to the bereft money my comments are missing because all this costs me! However, believe me or not, the spirit still leads me.

    I salute you!

  10. Ricardo says:

    :) I feel lost Mr.Tomo. Yet, I have found myself, but in the World I am lost. People dont believe. They do lie. But more and more to themselfs. Lost, means alone, but not lonely. I have The Circle, The Spirit, The Word. Thanks. If I ever have a child, he or she will know about you, and spread your name.

  11. سلام
    علم خصوصا” هندسه مدرن را پاس داريد
    شاه كليد حياتي علم و صنعت را مي دانيد كه چيست
    با تشكر

  12. آيا مي دانيد ارشميدس با دو كار خود رياضيات را تخريب كرده است.
    1 كسر متعارفي 7 / 22
    2 خط كش دو نشان

  13. من 180 وتر از اوتار دايره ، 0درجه تا 180 درجه را رسم و محاسبه نمودم

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