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Alteration of Foreword

Like it or not, I simply have to alter this foreword along with an attempt to explain what goes under the title of “Sacred Geometry”. Simply, nothing more than a series of universal geometrical principles that are carried out with a compass and unmarked straightedge. It has no esoteric or religious intentions or designs, just pure geometry and top of all that it is without the implementation of markers hence it thereby expands or improves the perceptual experience of the observer. For this reason I also chose a step-by-step and page-by-page procedure so as to make the process clear to everybody. On these 4000 pages so far published, you will find a countless amount of entirely geometrical topics: ways of constructing angles, the division of angles, innovations or clarification of enigmas that were up to now undecipherable in various ways, from the most complex ones to the simple ones that even kids can easily understand. However, regardless of the advice of many, I cannot abnegate how I happened to take this path. It may seem religious, but nonetheless. I admit that during my lifespan I meditated on religions and mythologies and no matter to what extent I analyzed them, I have always encountered intermediators, save for one unusual exception found in the ancient biblical legend, the Pentateuch of Moses, in which (to us) an unknown entity speaks and repeats that he is the creator of everything around us. Secondly, since our culture is based on those foundations and since I cannot disregard my Christian-Catholic origins, I therefore in conformity with the words of prophet Jeremiah (“Ask me and I will show you things that you thought were impossible”) also add the proposal that says: “When praying, lock yourself in the privacy of your room and the hidden entity will publicly in my name answer you.” And that was how it occurred in my case, believe it or not. Physicists would interpret this is the materializing impulse of the potential static energy mass. You may be sure that this path somewhat provokes the repulsion not only of academic circles but likewise of numerous peculiar hermetic groups, but I am not judging or condemning them, but I simply don’t want to be surreptitious regarding the path that I have taken. Certainly a set of factors arise as problems that have become obstacles, first of all because I have touched themes that are considered taboo. Secondly, such topics automatically cause various misunderstandings. Furthermore, I am a computer “ignoramus” and therefore a young friend of mine maintains my site and it would be a shameful of me not to reward him for his efforts. Moreover, because my knowledge of English is poor, but since English is presently the most communicative language world-wise, I have entrusted the translations of my texts to my eighty-three year old friend (a well-known and excellent literary translator) who also deserves to earn something. I must also mention my own expenses, for they are not simply my coming upon “some idea”; I have to draw it so as to carry out the realization of the idea and work on it until it takes on a form that becomes acceptable for publication. Who knows how many pages of format A4 and of larger format had to be burned. All of the above mentioned are investments that are far from small. Many of my readers will remember that due to certain unusual and incredible circumstances that occurred in my neck of the woods, I found myself stone-broke to such an extent that I pleaded for financial support from my readers. I realize that most of my readers are young people and that they have needs of their own like I once had myself. Anyway, I didn’t get anything from anyone, except for expressions of gratitude, but I know that these are relatively hard times. In this real world of ours however, we know that that one cannot live from praise. In all truth, all this has personally brought me into an unenviable position, so that regardless of whether I want to or not I have become a “beggar”.

Therefore, if this geometry means anything to anyone, may such persons remember me and reward me, regardless of their beliefs of this or that sort, for in the long run all of us are just people with our births and our ends and this is the sign of our relativity. I would not be “begging” if it were not a necessity through a concurrence of incomprehensible circumstances in my vicinity and in this country of mine and it has created an strange slogan in my mind: better to die than to live here! I am aware that this is just a fleeting feeling of helplessness and that it will pass and “help” will indeed sooner or later come from somewhere, not because of me but because of this work. As for this state of being disregarded that seems to be the worst condition in which creators sometimes find themselves, they then don’t know whether to turn left or right. Forgive me for that. Your help is as if you honored me with a glass of wine. I will inscribe the names of every person into a Book of Donations regardless of the amount, for the value of those who can only give a little and those who can give a lot is always equal. I am grateful in advance.

Rijeka, Croatia Sunday, August 24, 2014
Author: Tomo Perisha
Webmaster: Slim
Emglish: S.F. Drenovac

14 Responses to “Alteration of Foreword”

  1. سلام
    آیا تمام سایت ما را دیده اید؟
    آیا از متن کتاب های ما با خبراید؟
    با تشکر

  2. Ricardo says:

    Now that I know what Christmas really means and what it representes; I wish you all a great Christmas, I wish you all get a good Present for the Future and moments well Past arround the Tree of Life. Cheers.

  3. چرا از دانش جدید می گریزید؟
    ما تمام علم را به تصرف درآورده ایم.
    با ما مناظره علمی کنید .

  4. Ricardo says:

    I wanna leave my opinion about Mr.Tomo:


    Thank you so much my friend. I relate, as above, so it is below.

  5. Ytteri says:


  6. Ricardo says:

    I wont get tired of saying this….You are a great teacher, I understand so better All and ALL. :) Those Pythagorean exercises I understand them fully now, with full StrenghtS. Wish you well Mr.Tomo. You are my teacher. Thank you once more.

  7. Ricardo says:

    My biggest question is : HOW DO YOU LEARN TO LEARN ALL things AROUND YOU? I got the answer! . ? – ._. now its easier and also fun, painfull and lonely sometimes, but truth is in my eyes, focused.

  8. Ricardo says:


    These simple ratios, explain many things arround us and in us :)369

  9. admin says:

    To Ricardo, a dear friend:

    In short! All of this was created and is brought forth by a prayer to Moses, the one who gave us the Ten Commandments and in the name of Jesus, and that is that.

    At the same time I was ordained to poetry. According to the history of Lope de Vega, your famous Portuguese poet, he wrote more than 4,000 poems. And Tomo has, so far, written more than 15,000 poems. All would be well, but I’ve got nothing from all this because this is now some other and some different world in which I am exploited, cheated, lied to! But I’m still alive! Unfortunately, being duped by a friend for the amount of 40,000 euros, has become the reason for my slowing down. Due to the bereft money my comments are missing because all this costs me! However, believe me or not, the spirit still leads me.

    I salute you!

  10. Ricardo says:

    :) I feel lost Mr.Tomo. Yet, I have found myself, but in the World I am lost. People dont believe. They do lie. But more and more to themselfs. Lost, means alone, but not lonely. I have The Circle, The Spirit, The Word. Thanks. If I ever have a child, he or she will know about you, and spread your name.

  11. سلام
    علم خصوصا” هندسه مدرن را پاس داريد
    شاه كليد حياتي علم و صنعت را مي دانيد كه چيست
    با تشكر

  12. آيا مي دانيد ارشميدس با دو كار خود رياضيات را تخريب كرده است.
    1 كسر متعارفي 7 / 22
    2 خط كش دو نشان

  13. من 180 وتر از اوتار دايره ، 0درجه تا 180 درجه را رسم و محاسبه نمودم

  14. Ricardo Pereira says:

    Parallels :) I can see. :) God speaks loud and clear, like a mirror. Thanks Mr.Tomo, Its the Circle of Gratitude of imaginable size, what the paralell road to wisdom. Cant thank you enough. 6 and 7 are like a highway. hehe. God bless you and your team.

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