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Dear Readers!

I am sincerely sorry that this web-page will have to be shut down. The reasons are (to put it plainly) of a financial nature. Since I’m a “computer illiterate”, I was obliged to pay for the services required, and on top of this, since I merely have a superficial knowledge of professional mathematical/geometrical terminology, I had to cover the expenses for these services as well. I didn’t say much about my troubles but I did give occasional “hints” asking for help, hoping that some readers might realize them and come to my aid through donations. Unfortunately, there were no reactions, and I dare say, from no one “in the whole universe”. And that’s that!

I might manage to “scrape together” a bit more money for another chapter or two – and that will be the end! You may feel free “to download” any of my pages and all I ask of you is to sometimes remember the man who invested his effort and money in these several thousand drawings of geometry and a thousand or more pages of text whose abstracts are now in front of me… I’m not sorry for the days and nights spent in solitude, but now my family life has collapsed – but nevertheless I’m not the first nor the last to experience such a breakdown and in the face of God and people I have no reason to be ashamed. Therefore I simply bid you my goodbye.

 RIJEKA – CROATIA October 12, 2014
Author: Tomo Perisha
Web: Slim
English: S.F. Drenovac

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  1. Ricardo says:

    Im sorry I cant help… :( I see 26 guests logged never seen so many…

  2. Ricardo says:

    Everything starts in the middle Mr.Tomo, like the first circle, or the first arc inside of it, the compass speaks louder than words, I will take all this knowledge with me with great care and appreciation. I know so much today because of you…you also started in the middle with trisection and then spreaded your Wings(knowledge).They touched Portugal. Thank you from the bottom and the top of my heart!

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