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Sacred geometry is a natural science based on a singular basis: the circle and its center. Its validity is corroborated through simplicity of expression, an equilibrium that is the basis of the absolute, the natural harmony which is otherwise inwrought in the micro and macro cosmos of nature and can therefore be said to be eternal, that is to say that within it there is nothing that is impossible. Its validities are likewise simple: the beginning or center of a radius – the (basic) circle, division of the circle with circles of same radius. Hence the basic circle. Its arc and its division speak of the uppermost angle or magnitude of the angles in the center, of the validity of plotting with full circles, entailing the intersecting of such circles and this entails other magnitudes of radius. The other magnitude of radius brings us to different divisions of the first or basic circle and this entails different magnitudes of the peak angles in the center, and consequently the ensuing validity: the basic or first circle is a reflection of all the radiuses inside and outside of it. The other validity is that plotting should be done in full full circles because in that way it leads to series of new data. Since we do this without marking with letters or numbers, we thereby develop mind-expanding perception. Much of this has already been written on these pages, and much of it in abridged form to facilitate the introduction to such geometry; all the same an element to make understanding easier has been added: a step by step method. One more thing is important. Since Sacred Geometry is universal, it is carried out without the use of measures, in other words only with the use of a compass and a straightedge. Step by step plotting allows each element to be a background, which is essential up to when the element is sharpened to the extent of being recognizable as a finished depiction. These pages have also covered much from a historical aspect and its relationship to contemporary geometrical science, as well as about my personal incoming into this field of geometry, about which you will find my reply in the commentary to chapter 13 of the First Book of Geometry. Nonetheless, upon my observation of current geometry in primary schools, I tried to help kids through simplification, namely by liberating them from the unnatural geometry dogmas of letters and numbers (by figuring out the magnitude of any unknown order of magnitude only with the use of a compass, the constructing of regular polygons, the division of angles into three parts, the division of a cube, etc.), and I very well knew how hard it is to change deep-seated dogmas and I assumed that all this writing of mine was for some future generation and therefore logical: a planted fruit-tree does not bear fruit right away! I knew that by doing all this free of charge would be regarded as strange and even hurt my own interests almost to the limits of my means. Moreover, I am a computer layman as regards usage of new media (Internet), but just because I am indeed alone in this geometrical journey that I have taken, this fact also has its advantages: I’m free and open-minded! And my consolation for this geometrical “road of the cross” is its natural validity, because the planted seed will sooner or later bear fruit.

English translation by S.F. DRENOVAC
Rijeka, Croatia – May 18, 2013

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  1. سلام
    آیا تمام سایت ما را دیده اید؟
    آیا از متن کتاب های ما با خبراید؟
    با تشکر

  2. Ricardo says:

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  3. چرا از دانش جدید می گریزید؟
    ما تمام علم را به تصرف درآورده ایم.
    با ما مناظره علمی کنید .

  4. Ricardo says:

    I wanna leave my opinion about Mr.Tomo:


    Thank you so much my friend. I relate, as above, so it is below.

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